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Redress for Survivors of Sexual Abuse

The Chair of the Royal Commission into Sexual Abuse, Justice Peter McClellan, has called for government and institutions to urgently tackle the issue of redress for survivors of abuse that has been brought to light by the Royal Commissions.

Justice McClellan found it remarkable that the Royal Commission identified more than 4,000 institutions where abuse had occurred and acknowledged that not all institutions involved were able to be examined at the public hearings.

After 400 days of hearing, the Royal Commission will conclude in December 2017. Justice McClellan has said that its final report will include recommendations to ensure that no abuse will occur in institutions in the future.

While the government and institutions have been slow to introduce redress schemes, and those that have been introduced provide very limited recompense, survivors are still entitled to bring a civil claim against the individuals or intuitions responsible for the sexual abuse suffered.

Our civil assault lawyers at Lennon Mazzeo are highly experienced in helping sexual assault survivors navigate the legal system, and will provide sensitive and timely advice on how to proceed with an assault claim.

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