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Medical Negligence Lawyers Melbourne Victoria

What is medical negligence?

Medical negligence can be defined as any action by a health service provider, such as a doctor, nurse, surgeon, pharmacist, hospital or medical institution, that is not of an acceptable standard and causes injury to the patient.  A patient’s failure to improve after treatment or surgery will not necessarily result in a negligence finding against a medical practitioner.  There are times when a medical professional has done all that is reasonably possible, but the outcome for the patient is not what they hoped for.

Examples of medical negligence include such things as:

  • The wrong diagnosis
  • A failure to diagnose
  • Improper drug treatment
  • Prescription or dispensing errors
  • A failure to obtain informed consent
  • A failure to inform of risks of treatment
  • Surgical errors
  • Inadequate post-surgical care
  • Mismanagement of a pregnancy or birth

Medical negligence claims

A victim of medical negligence can make a personal injury claim against the health service provider or providers that were allegedly negligent. In some cases, there may be multiple parties who have been negligent. There must be clear proof that the treatment was provided in a negligent manner and that the injury or illness was caused by that negligence.

The law allows compensation whenever there is a clear link established between the act of negligence and a person’s physical, psychological or financial harm.

Medical negligence claims are frequently complex and protracted. It is advisable to seek the help of one of our solicitors at Lennon Mazzeo Lawyers. Our lawyers have proven successful experience in medical negligence cases.

Time limits mean early legal action is best

Victoria imposes time limits on medical negligence claims. The limit for an adult is three years from the date that the injury or injuries were “discoverable”.  Time limits are extended for children. The term “discoverable” refers to the time at which an actual harm was diagnosed or discovered. This is not necessarily the date that the negligence took place. For example, if an avoidable birth defect was discovered four years after a birth, the time limit would start from the date of diagnosis rather than the date of the birth.

Despite the time limit, the later a claim is made, the harder it will be to find sufficient evidence. If you, or a family member, such as a child or aged relative, is thought to have suffered an injury from medical treatment of any sort, the sooner you arrange a consultation with one of our lawyers the better.

No Win No Fee

We provide a free initial consultation and if we believe your claim has merit will work on a no win no fee basis.  This means that you only pay our professional legal fees if your claim is successful.  We will provide a full explanation of ours costs arrangements at the initial consultation.

What we do

When you come for an initial consultation with one of our medical negligence lawyers, we will listen carefully to your description of your injuries and how it happened. We will then provide an objective initial opinion about your chances of making a successful claim. If we decide together to take the matter further, we will examine your medical records and consult with an independent medical expert before advising you whether to proceed with a claim. Because of our experience in the medical negligence field, we can obtain reliable and informed independent medical experts who will provide valuable evidence to back up your claim of medical negligence.

At Lennon Mazzeo Lawyers, we are committed to fighting for the best outcome for you in the event that you have suffered an injury to allow you to get on with your life with the least disadvantage.