Hope for Tasmanian Victims of Sexual Abuse

The ongoing Royal Commission into Intuitional Responses to Child Sexual Abuse has shed light on the extent of sexual abuse occurring in numerous educational, church and state institutions.

The devastating effects of the abuse on the victims of abuse have also been highlighted by the brave survivors who have come forward as part the Commissions enquiries.

In many states of Australia victims who sought compensation were faced with the time restrictions imposed by legislation in most states that prevented the commencement of proceedings after a certain period. Most of claims for sexual abuse of a child are not brought for many years after the abuse occurred and the victims in many cases were prevented from perusing the claim by this law.

Fortunately, in Victoria the limitation period for claims arising out of childhood sexual abuse has been removed which means that victims can make their claims at any time. As time elapses it becomes more difficult to locate witnesses and evidence so it is better to make such a claim as soon as possible. With the limitation obstacle removed victims who have been unable to bring their claim until later in life are no longer prevented from making a claim.

It has been announced today that the same changes to the law will be made in Tasmania which is good news for many victims of abuse in Tasmania who will no longer be prevented from bringing a claim due the time which have passed.

If you would like further information about your eligibility to claim for an injury suffered in as a result of sexual abuse, contact Nick Mazzeo or Wendy Kleyn on (03) 9670 5999 for advice.