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Family Law: Separation, Divorce and Children

Family Law is a delicate practice environment that is inherently fraught with intense emotion. When communication breaks down, or disagreements become too volatile we are here to help with compassionate and sympathetic advice.

At Mazzeo, we approach family law issues with an authentic desire to help. We are transparent in our approach and understand the emotional sensitivity of separation and divorce. Our goal is to help you to avoid court as much as possible to help you save time, money and stress.

Bringing together a wide scope of skills and knowledge of varied areas of the law, we will support you and deliver the best possible outcome. Whether you need to discuss divorce law, child protection, de facto relationships or family violence, our discretion and tenacity is guaranteed.

Children’s Court

Any parent knows that the protection and well-being of their child is the number one priority. If you think that your child or children may be at risk of violence, abuse or any other maltreatment you must take immediate action.

There are numerous ways you can use the law to protect your child. By putting protective measures in place as quickly as possible you will significantly lower the harmful effects of violence, abuse and neglect and get your family on the road to a brighter future faster.

We are proud of the many families and children we have helped go on to live happily in the safe harbour of child protection and intervention orders. Call us today on 03 9670 5999 for more information.

De Facto Relationships

When people separate or end a de facto relationship, the former partners involved are frequently unaware or their entitlements under de facto relationship law.

In the eyes of the law, couples in de facto relationships have similar rights to married couples. To navigate the law and establish your rights is especially hard when emotions are heated. Our expertise in de facto relationship law can help you plot a course to clear water and a happier future.

Family and Domestic Violence – Restraining Orders

When violence occurs in the home there are laws to protect you and your children. No matter what form the abuse takes, there are protections afforded to you by the law that can be enacted and enforced – such as restraining orders. Do not let yourself or someone you love suffer in silence. The law is on your side and we can help. Need to set up a restraining order quickly? Call us on 03 9670 5999 now.

Harassment and Abuse – Intervention Orders

If someone’s behaviour makes you feel unsafe because of harassment or abuse, you may be able to take out an intervention order to protect yourself.

Intervention orders are issued by a Magistrate and the protections provided cover a wide range of areas such as:

• Domestic violence
• Stalking
• Property protection

If you have been served with an intervention order and want to oppose it, you need to take action as soon as possible. Without the correct legal advice a court can make decisions in your absence or, in certain situations, issue an arrest warrant against you.

By discussing your situation we can establish your needs and the most appropriate course of action to achieve a positive outcome.