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Commercial and Corporate Law

Professional Negligence

When you put your trust in a financial advisor or any other professional they have a legal obligation to work for you in the correct manner and to provide advice and service with expertise and care. When providers fail to deliver the accepted standard of service, it may cause you to incur loss or damages. If this has happened you may be entitled to compensation for any losses directly resulting from mismanagement or bad advice.

Mazzeo lawyers have vast expertise in professional negligence disputes. Our goal is to keep your interests in mind and provide practical advice on actions you need to take.

We have helped our clients with:

• Inappropriate or negligent legal advice
• Misleading or deceptive financial advice
• Financial or accounting errors
• Misleading property valuations

NOTE: Strict time limits apply for compensation, so please call us immediately on 03 9670 5999 for more information about how we can help.

Equity and Trusts

Mazzeo Lawyers have unparalleled experience in resolving issues surrounding equity and trusts.

Equity and trusts claims may include cases of undue influence, breach of confidence, unconscionable dealings, confidential information and applications to remove a trustee.

Our approach to this area of law is one of balance: we will work diligently with you to redress the balance of fairness between parties and to achieve just outcomes.

Leases and Contracts

Commercial leases, tenancy agreements and contracts are legally binding documents. Due to their legal obligations, if you are required to sign, or need a commercial lease drawn up between parties, call us on 03 9670 5999. Our experienced team can guide you through your rights and obligations and ensure the lease is legitimate.

We can also help guide you with contract-drafting and general advice. Contracts are agreements that are entered into voluntarily by all parties with the intention of upholding certain obligations. To be effective contracts need to be carefully constructed to allow freedom to achieve the desired goals and objectives but tight enough to provide protection should one party fail to meet their obligations.

If you are required to sign a contract or need to have one created we can discuss your needs and ensure that your rights and obligations are protected.

Proceeds of Crime and Confiscation

The Proceeds of Crime Act is a legal framework that seeks to trace, restrain and confiscate the proceeds of crime. In certain circumstances, confiscated funds may even be returned to the community.

If you have been served with a restraining order preventing you from dealing with your assets and you are seeking to establish your rights we can help establish your claim, explore the avenues to have your assets returned to you and investigate the possibility of compensation for your loss.


As with any business, to protect your interests and investments, it’s important to have the correct insurances and indemnities in place.

We have a wealth of experience advising on the appropriate insurances for businesses and also in defending businesses from insurance claims. Protect your interests. Speak with us about your needs today.

Intellectual Property

Intellectual property is defined as:

…the application of thought in a creative process to define something novel and unique.

Ownership of intellectual property is the backbone of many business ventures.

Protecting intellectual property can take various forms depending on the nature of the innovation. When, or if, an infringement occurs, having the correct protection in place is paramount to safeguarding confidential information and trade secrets.

Let us help you through the complex and confusing minefield of Intellectual Property law.

Small Business Disputes

Running any business is hard. It’s even tougher when you run a small business because you are often required to perform many roles simultaneously. Therefore when you need legal advice that is tailored to your specific small business needs, it’s critical to have the right advice for your situation.

Mazzeo Lawyers act with professionalism and in a timely manner, no matter how big or small your business. Our lawyers offer extensive experience in:

• Company formations and restructuring
• Buying or selling a business
• Partnership advice and succession planning
• Lease agreements, licensing and franchises

Corporate Competition Law

Australian corporate competition law provides a legal framework that prevents a business with dominant market power from engaging in the following illegal behaviour:

• Eliminating or damaging a competitor
• Preventing a person or business entering the marketing
• Deterring or preventing a person or business from competing for work

If you feel that you or your business is currently suffering from undue pressure being applied by a dominant competitor we have the tools and legal skills to help you redress the situation.