A Story of Strength and Courage

The Weekend Australian recently published an article in which Dassi Erlich told her story of the abuse perpetrated against her by the then Principal of her school, Malka Leifer.

Dassi was subjected to a number of years of abuse by Leifer whilst a student at the ultra-orthodox Adass Israel School in St Kilda. The school is part of a very tight knit community that shelters it’s children from all outside influences.

As a result, Dassi and other children who were abused had no understanding that what was being done to them was wrong, despite their confusion and intuition that something was not right. It was only years later that Dassi realised the gravity of the abuse and the magnitude of the impact that it had on her life.

When confronted with the allegations of abuse by Leifer, the school leaders arranged for her to leave Australia immediately rather than involve the police. Victoria Police are still attempting to extradite Leifer back to Australia from Israel to face charges.

After Lennon Mazzeo were successful in obtaining a judgement against Leifer and the school on her behalf, Dassi is now writing a book with the goal of shedding light on the subject of sexual abuse of children and the shame associated with it. She also hopes that her story will be one of strength and inspiration for other survivors.

If you would like further information about your eligibility to claim for an injury suffered as a result of sexual abuse, contact Nick Mazzeo or Wendy Kleyn on (03) 9670 5999 for advice.

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